Nestle’s Attempt to Tap Into Oregon Spring Water

Many companies in the bottled water industry just bottle purified tap water.  On the theory that consumers will pay more  for bottled spring water, Nestle’ is trying to buy spring water generated by Oxbow Springs in Cascade Locks, Oregon.   Water from Oxbow Springs flows into the Columbia River Gorge (by way of Herman Creek) and provides a habitat for a variety of salmonid species.   This spring, shown below, is special because it provides one of the coldest and largest thermal refuges for fish.


In Nestle’s proposed plan, Nestle’ would pay the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to take some of the spring water and replace it with an equivalent amount of city well water.   The two photos below are of the Oxbow Fish Hatchery, which currently uses water from Oxbow Springs.::::::::::

A few additional consequences of this proposed exchange: Nestle’ will need to build a spring water extracting and bottling plant;  there will be over 210 Nestle’ truck trips per day through local roads of Cascade Locks;  Nestle’ will profit from selling the city’s spring water and ODFW will make a fraction of a penny per gallon of water sold.  Food & Water Watch asks, “How much money will Nestle’ make from bottling the community’s water and how much does this compare to what the company is offering Cascade Locks?”  Sierra Club and Columbia Riverkeeper are also keeping a close eye on Nestle’.  Below are a few shots from the spring head.   The next photos depict the spring water flowing into the fish hatchery.



A few years ago, Nestle’ attempted to make a similar deal with the town of McCloud, CA to extract spring water from  Mt. Shasta.  Californians took Nestle’ to court and after five years of local opposition, Nestle’ withdrew its proposal.  It ended up bottling water from the Sacramento public water supply.

Megan Summerour shot the four photos below, which depict Mt. Shasta and its surrounding waters.  Thanks Megan!



Click here to sign the Food & Water Watch petition to keep Nestle’ out of the Gorge.

Check out this pretty cool blog dedicated to keeping Nestle’ out of the Gorge.


2 Responses to Nestle’s Attempt to Tap Into Oregon Spring Water

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